How to export Petfood to Russia

Petfood is one of the few products still excluded from EAC Marking and subjected to GOST regulations, whose compliance is mandatory and has to be made through a GOST R Declaration, a document that, as we discussed regarding mandatory GOST certifications, is today almost residual.

Producers must be included in the Россельхознадзор list of authorized exporters (which is almost blocked right now) but then they only have to submit their own documentation (product data sheets, chemical analysis) in order to obtain the needed certification to access the Russian market.

The reference GOST standard is actually a set of standards called “Ветеринарно – санитарные нормы и требования к качеству кормов для непродуктивных животных” (Veterinary and sanitary norms and requirements for the quality of feed for unproductive animals).

This Regulation defines the typology of products (based on water content, nutritional capacity, etc.) but it is essentially focused on indicating the allowed toxicological and microbial limits. The requirements are adapted to international standards.

? Do you want to check the regulation in Russian? You can download it here ?

Once obtained the GOST R Declaration, producer will have to add to the products’ label the logo CTP in order to meet the basic requirement of the GOST Marking.

Required documentation

If you are a petfood producer, please send us an email without obligation:, providing this short information:

  • Tariff heading
  • Products’ datasheets and labels (especially if you are already exporting to Russia).

You will receive a very quick response with a full quote.